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Miscellaneous Fatwas No. 4191 (Praying and Eating with Ahl al Tasannun)

Question 1: What is the ruling with regards to keeping the arms crossed (eg. folded on top of each other) during prayers with Sunni brothers?

Answer: It is permitted to participate with the Sunni brothers in group prayer in order to uphold unity, and the prayer will be correct and permissible. However, it is not permissible to pray with the arms crossed.

Question 2: What is the ruling with regards to saying "ameen" aloud after the completion of Sura al-Hamd by the prayer leader during group prayers with the Sunni brothers?

Answer: It is not permissible to say "ameen".

Question 3: What is the ruling regarding prostration (sajda) [while praying with the Sunni brothers] given that they prostrate directly on the floor without placing something between their forehead and the floor.

Answer: Prostration must be performed on stone, earth (torba) or other similar items on which it is permissible.

Question 4: What is your recommendation in the matter of eating meals prepared by the Sunni brothers which they consider pure (taher) and allowable (hallal) given that they have a differing opinion with respect to (ritual) slaughter (dhabiha)? In particular, some consider the meat of the Jews and Christians (Ahl al-Kitab) as pure (taher).

Answer: What is prepared by them is necesserily to be accepted as pure and allowable unless its impurity (najasa) is proven.

Question 5: What is the ruling regarding praying with Sunni brothers who place their small toe on the foot of the neighboring suppliant during the call to rise for prayer (qiyaam)? Is our prayer still valid [if they do that on our foot]?

Answer: It is not necessary to do so, but in the case that it happens, it is not a problem as long as it does not harm the righteousness of qiyaam.

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